Generative AI Applications

Enhance Efficiency

Streamline data generation and augmentation through automation, minimizing data preprocessing time and effort.

Improve Data Quality

Generate more diverse and complex data sets to Enhance the precision and effectiveness of ML models.

Informed Decisions

Uncover new Insights and Patterns within Data to Enhance Visibility and Decision-Making.

Boost employee engagement and productivity

Make it easier for employees to navigate complex processes and get the information they need in their preferred channels.

Seamless Customer Experience

Empower customers with personalized self‑service and give agents insights in real-time to anticipate customer needs.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Empowering teams to deliver consistently with agile, elevating consumer‑quality experiences.

Modernize Digital Operations

Unlock unprecedented agility, cost efficiency, and robust delivery by harnessing data-driven insights.

Reinvent DevOps Workflows

Accelerate software delivery, enhance system reliability, and streamline CI/CD pipelines by automating tedious tasks.

Hyperautomation and Low Code

Drive Enterprise-wide workflow automation and foster innovation through low-code solutions.

Redefine Fuel Creativity

Generate original content and improve content quality with foundational models.

Build Lasting Customer Relationship

Build Lasting relationships with customers by making 1-to-1 personalization a reality.

Unlock Efficiency

Elevate Productivity and Performance with Content and Analytics Support, While Streamlining Tedious Tasks through Automation.

Generative AI Use Cases across Industries

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Generative AI can help to create synthetic data to enable financial institutions create realistic scenarios for testing and fine-tuning their fraud detection systems.

Risk Assessment and Credit Scoring

Generative AI automates certain tasks and reducing manual effort to streamline risk assessment workflows, reduce turnaround times, and enhance decision-making speed at scale.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Automate regulatory analyses for accuracy, efficiency, & cost-effectiveness and ensuring compliance.

Medical Imaging

Generate synthetic medical images that closely resemble real patient images to improve accuracy in diagnosing diseases.

Drug Discovery and Development

Accelerated identification of potential drug candidates and optimization of drug formulations and dosages for personalized treatments based on individual patient characteristics.

Medical Research and Data Analysis

Mining large datasets for insights and patterns and generate synthetic data without exposing sensitive patient information.

Autonomous Networks

Connect multiple complex AI/ML models used across network planning and operations with LLM that can understand network behaviors and create action plans in areas including network capacity planning and performance.

Streamlined Operations

Boost to IT development processes, enabling code generation and troubleshooting to deliver reliable software products and services.

Personalized Experiences

Enable CSPs to produce marketing campaign content customized for select themes and target individual customers with customized text and images.

Product Design and Development

Accelerate the design process, increase innovation and creativity in product design and minimize the need for physical prototypes to creating non-intuitive design solutions and reduce the time to market.

Quality Control

Detect potential errors and alert stakeholders in real time, mitigating large-scale production issues before escalation.

Machine Automation and Optimization

Generative AI model computes the OEE as the product of availability, performance, and quality metrics, offering a comprehensive measure of manufacturing productivity.

Tools for building Generative AI Applications

Amazon Bedrock

The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with FMs.

ChatGPT Plugin

Enable plugin in the prompt shown to the language model to access up-to-date information.

Einstein GPT

Make every employee more productive and every customer experience better.

Atlassian GPT

Integrate a virtual assistant to Accelerate all your work.

Service Now GPT

Modernize operations and create intuitive & connected experiences to transform your business.


Supercharge your imagination, boost your productivity, and bring your ideas to life.

Choose the right model for your Use Case

Select from a wide range of Foundation Models and train your own model using Organization’s data.


Prioritizing Security and Privacy from Day Zero

We adhere to responsible generative AI best practices and implement encryption, upholding enterprise-grade security measures and access controls.

Build, train and deploy Generative AI with the budget-friendly infrastructure

Get the best price performance for generative AI with the most dependable infrastructure.


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